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Xelvin Manufacturing Engineering provides the right people to support our clients´ high-end production environments in the best possible way. Manufacturing Engineering recruits and employs candidates who have a technical education or a bachelor's or master's degree and who specialise in production environments and the relevant processes, and who preferably have a special affinity with the products and industries in question.

  • High tech
  • Automotive
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Food
  • Aerospace
  • Processing industry
  • Shipbuilding

Xelvin Manufacturing Engineering is experienced at fulfilling the need for large numbers of engineers at once, and also at finding and employing specific, individual technical specialists who will add value to our clients. This can be on a temporary or long-term basis in order to efficiently and productively meet their specific needs.

We distinguish ourselves by our open and honest services and working method and our creativity in recruiting and employing the right top-level technicians. We have our own permanent network of highly qualified technicians and we are also continually expanding our national and international recruitment networks. This includes excellent partnerships with renowned schools and universities to ensure that we have contact with potential top engineers at an early stage. So, even if there is a shortage of staff with the right qualifications in a certain industry or region, our extensive international recruitment network enables us to always provide the specialists who will prevent our clients' production being jeopardised.

All our managing consultants have been working in technical recruitment for years. They have learnt to think from our clients' perspective and to proactively, innovatively and effectively meet their demands with the right employees. All our international candidates are fully screened by our consultants, often in their countries of origin, for their motivation, educational levels and work experience, and also on their soft skills.

Once admitted to our network of enterprising technicians, we provide all candidates with extensive support, training and further education, such as finding housing, language and communication skills, registering with the authorities and all tax and legal matters. We create the right working conditions for our professionals and optimally fulfil the conditions for success, both for our employees and our clients.


  • High Tech
  • Automotive
  • General Machine Engineering
  • Food
  • Aerospace
  • Process Industry
  • Shipbuilding
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