Why work through a technical secondment agency?

Why should I work for a technical secondment agency and not work directly with a technical company?! When you’re searching for the perfect job, one thing is for sure, you’ll never get a 100% guarantee. You do, however, have an opportunity to maximize this chance of success.

 The 5 reasons below outline why a technical contractor could add value to your search.

1: Because the technical secondment agency knows the market!

You should discuss your greatest ambitions, your wishes and your dream job with a contractor because they know all the companies in your region! After all, it is their job to have a good overview of the technical market in your area. They know what’s out there. Apart from the well-known big players in technology, how many companies can you think of where you would like to work, and why? Would you like to work for a multinational, or would you prefer to take on the challenge with an exciting startup? Through a secondment you get the opportunity to meet several companies and have a sneak peak inside before you make a decision.

2: Because many technical companies only offer their vacancies directly through secondment providers

The time when we bought a newspaper on a Saturday to go through the job vacancies was over quite a while ago. Many companies outsource their recruitment to parties who have made a career out of this (temporary employment, secondment and S&S agencies). So there is a good chance that you will no longer come across your dream job directly through the relevant employer because an external agency is already out there trying to fill the position.

3: Because it saves time

How easy it is that you only have to invest 1 to 1.5 hours in a simple conversation, where you stipulate what kind of job you are looking for and then someone else goes to work for you? Isn’t it wonderful that someone is running around on your behalf? Okay, to be completely honest, not just your behalf, but also for themselves because if they find you your perfect job, then they deserve to be rewarded. That’s why the client is charged extra on top of your salary. A (cost price) factor as compensation for the mediation.

4: Because you always have the secondment agency as extra back-up

Through a contractor, you will receive a contract for a fixed or an indefinite period, just like with any regular company. The secondment office has the additional advantage that if your workplace is not what you expected, the secondment office can go “behind the scenes” and look for a different appointment at a new client. In this way, they can ensure a seamless transition to a new working environment/workplace, all while maintaining your secondary employment conditions.

5: Because of the deta-fixed construction

Perhaps this is the most significant advantage, although it does not apply to all technical secondment agencies. If a workplace suits you well, the so-called deta-fixed construction offers you the option of entering the direct employment of the relevant company after a predetermined hiring period (often a period of at least one year). You’re happy, the company is happy, and the technical secondment agency is happy, after all, they’ve done their job well. That is the biggest compliment a consultant/intermediary can get. In short, it only takes an hour of your time. Think carefully beforehand what you are looking for in your ideal new job and get ready for an adventure with technical secondment!

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