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  • 18 November 2018

Investing in talent

At Xelvin you’re working with an organisation where your personal growth is guaranteed. We believe that Xelvin is the place where you can realise your personal and professional dreams. Not only because we as a organisation are growing fast, but mainly because our company culture is characterized by a particularly human approach.

At Xelvin, we’re all about people who want to push each other forwards. Together they can determine their own course, unafraid to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes. Xelvin wants to be the most successful technical secondment agency in the Netherlands by investing in strong people. To realize our dream and to continue to grow, it is important to heavily invest in people who have the potential to become successful. With this in mind, Xelvin Amsterdam has set up an apprenticeship program. Entirely focused on preparing talent to become fully-fledged consultants. Our first contender to participate is Gino Russel. An energetic guy who has seized this challenge with both hands!

The start of Gino’s adventure

In fact, Gino came to Xelvin to find a job. He had resigned from his previous job and decided to travel for a while. When he was back in the Netherlands, he began a serious job search. He wasn’t really sure what he wanted, but decided to focus on recruitment. Through an employment agency he came across a  competitor of ours. Fortunately for us, he was not accepted because they were looking for a more experienced candidate. Despite this rejection, Gino was convinced that he wanted a job in the recruitmnet industry. He then started looking explicity for suitable vacancies and ended up finding Xelvin. He responded to the apprenticeship precisely because of the focus on personal development and the acquisition of new skills. He made a concious choice for Xelvin after meeting with his supervisor Marnix Haitsma. “I believed his story!” The standards and values that Xelvin represent, the way of working and Marnix’ explanation over their management approach. All of this appealed to Gino and it suited him as a person. What particularly appealed to him was the candour. “You’re the first to go through this process and undoubedtly it will not be perfect. But we will do everything we can to ensure it becomes a success. We can promise you that. “

The apprenticeship kicks-off

The internship began with a kick-off in which Gino gave a presentation about himself. The objective was to show in a creative way who you are, where you stand, where you want to be in six months time and which qualities you already carry with you. Gino enjoyed doing this, he likes presenting. He knew he could position himself in the company and give the others a good impression. He also realised that this was it, it was really going to start now!

The internship itself was subdivided into several modules, each aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills. Skills such as conversation techniques, maximising sales exchanges, legislation and regulations, and personal branding. The latter is aimed at you as a person. How do you hope to come across and how do others see you? This process was also supported by internal guidance.  Sometimes this could be a little confronting. Gino felt that his “shop” wasn’t exactly in order. An understanding of the entire process is extremely important here. If you do multiple placements, you can better understand the factors involved and figure out more quickly how you should organise yourself. His experience was that it was better for him to learn to do the work himself as much as possible. Despite the good intentions of his colleagues who offered to help or take over work.

Added value

The apprebtuceship has given Gino a solid foundation to carry out his work as a consultant and to spot business opportunites. For example when it comes to acquisition. In his previous job he was used to trading at speed. After the training he realised it can good to be good to ease off the accelerator peddle a little. The process may take slightly longer, but ultimately it will yield more. You may have the communivcation skills to hold a conversation, but that does not necessarily translate to success. Gino has become more aware of his own behavior, as a result of the feedback during the training and definitely from his colleagues. Confront it head on and ask the question “how do I come across?” “Maybe it’s not always nice to hear the truth, but it helps me improve.”

As Gino was the first to enter the interneship program, he was definitely invested in its outcome. He believes the success of the process is a result of the many facets on offer. There’s a good balanced between theory and practice, they are consolidated. Gino first learned the theory about conversation techniques, then he planned an intake and applied the techniques he had learned.

Would you recommend it or not?

Absolutely! Gino answers enthusiastically. “Xelvin give you the space to grow.” What Gino means by that is that it’s okay to make mistakes at Xelvin, as long as you learn from them. They give you the freedom to develop yourself. “Sometimes things went awry along the way, both on the customer and the candidate side. Then I got the response ‘that’s a shame, that’s happened to me on occasion’. Then together we work out how it went wrong. “I can learn from this and move forwards. Not every company works this way. ”Overall, Gino is more than satisfied with the apprenticeship and the level where he is now. The hard work has unquestionably been worth it and he can apply the skills and experience he gained.

Shout out to talent

Are you motivated after reading Gino’s experience and would you also like to be part of a club where your personal growth is guaranteed? We are always on the lookout for new talent. We have several locations throughout the Netherlands. For more information, see our website Please contact us!