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  • 19 September 2019

Ramon Poels, New Managing Director Xelvin

The technical recruitment agency Xelvin will welcome a new Managing Director on 1st September: Ramon Poels. Poels, currently a director of XBI, succeeds Walter Lammers, who has served for the past 4 years. Poels will take on the challenge of shaping the growth of Xelvin in the future. Poels will be responsible for both XBI and Xelvin from September onwards.

Poels likes the fact that he gets to combine his old job with this new opportunity. His position with XBI, a secondment agency in the construction industry, will complement his new role at Xelvin. “It wasn’t time to leave XBI. There’s still work to do there. Of course, my role will change, but I remain committed to building a strong brand there, literally and figuratively” Poels says with a smile.

 The same goes for Xelvin, Poels continues: “In the forthcoming period, I’ll get together with my colleagues from Xelvin and get an image of where we are now and where we want to go.” According to Poels, Xelvin is an organisation comprised of enthusiastic and enterprising people. He is sincerely looking forward to the collaboration. “I want our colleagues to be empowered and therefore be of added value in both personal and business terms in the years ahead.”

 Dennis Wissink, CEO of the Xelvin Group, sees Poels as the ideal successor to Walter Lammers. “Ramon has accumulated a wealth of experience as a director of XBI, and he is also a former regional director of Xelvin. He knows the organisation, and he knows what’s needed. I’m confident that he’s the right man in the right place.”