The Xelvin Group Staff Party

“Did something happen that I don’t know about?”, “Hey, lightweight!”, “How long did you last in the end?”. There were undoubtedly some entertaining stories around the office coffee machine last Monday morning. This weekend is still on its way, but we can remember the events of last weekend: the Xelvin Group staff party.

We started around 2.30 pm. Location: Beach Nulde and Postillion Amersfoort Veluwemeer. There were a few anxious glances at the sky due to the dreary weather forecasts, but luckily for us, the sun came out. First, we chatted amongst ourselves while enjoying a drink and a few snacks. Then it was time for action. So many activities were on the program to choose from: beach games and various workshops: Mindf*ck, fencing, yoga and making smoothies.

From beetroot to raspberry cheesecake, there was no shortage of flavours. While on the other side of the site, sounds of bewilderment could be heard: “What the…?!”, “How’s that now?!”. Obviously, a successful Mindf*ck workshop. You stare in disbelief, as your watch disappears from your wrist, right where you stand, and the magician’s explanation only confuses things further. Where the yoga was chilled, the fencing was a lot more stimulating. The swords flashed through the air. Good thing there were no weapons involved in the beach games. What a battle there could have been on the beach!

With the sweat still damp on our brows, it was time for a little appetiser at the buffet after the day’s strenuous endeavours. A scrumptious burger, down in one bite. After checking in at the hotel, we came back to indulge in a ‘walking buffet’. The delicious meal provided an excellent stomach lining for the rest of the evening. Time to party! Fire pits blazing, music turned up as far as it goes and feet on the dancefloor! By the end of the night, it was not only our team going from left to right but also a couple of beer glasses. Well, that’s what you’d expect at a tent party.

The next day at breakfast, the bleary eyes and the worse for wear smiles showed that everyone had had a good evening. Now back to work! Working together towards great new successes. Armed with plenty of crazy memories of the staff party of 27 and 28 September 2019.

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