In top form with DISC

Once again, Wendy Roozendaal from Topform has whipped our employees back into top mental shape through two tailored training sessions.

The first training session took place Thursday, 3rd October. Fifteen external colleagues from the Zoetermeer, Alkmaar and Amsterdam offices were present. After work, they had a nice dinner together and then started the training at 6.30 pm. The first session was all about assessing personal qualities and behaviour. These were measured using the respected DiSC® profiling method.

The purpose of the two training courses is to increase personal effectiveness and psychological flexibility. The course piqued the interest of Sander Homan. He is a reliability engineer at Tata Steel and an associate of Xelvin. During his career, he has hired several Xelvin employees, and Xelvin even seconded him at one time. Sander reminisces about the successful first session. “I saw this training course come up and I felt that I could learn something from it, so I signed up. I find it useful to understand what type of person I am and how others experience me. In general, it’s always helpful if you can identify what kind of personality people have and know how you can best approach them. If things are not going well with a colleague, what should you be paying attention to, and what are the potential risks? I hope to learn more during these training sessions. “

After the initial session, Wendy told the participants what the different profiles are and which profile they have themselves. In the following training, the participants put the acquired knowledge into practice. She also showed them how to use communicative collaboration skills effectively. In order to practice their new communication skills, there was time for a little networking drink at the end of the day.

The training courses at Xelvin are not compulsory, but they are open to all. Any employee who sees a training course that interests them can register. Alongside professional instruction courses, we believe it’s valuable to offer coaching that gives employees an insight into their personality. The knowledge gained can be useful for both business and private purposes. A former colleague once took his wife to the conflict management training course. That’s also allowed. We hope that the training has had a positive impact.

Would you like to attend this training next year? Feel free to contact our people in the West region.

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