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  • 20 November 2019

Founders Jeroen and Michiel talk about the (almost) two year anniversary of Xelvin Installation Technique

We’re in the second half of 2017: Jeroen Beikes and Michiel Grouve are both working for Xelvin, and they’re ready for a new project. They both have experience in installation technology and have a good feeling about this industry. They see many opportunities and possibilities in the market. Together, they formulate a plan, and in January 2018 the time comes: Xelvin Installation Technique (XIT) begins!

Two years down the line, so much has happened! XIT North is doing very well as a stable location and XIT East in Apeldoorn is growing strong. Jeroen: “We were both passionate right from the start about specialising in installation technology. We started with a few contacts in the industry, but otherwise from scratch. Fortunately, we were able to celebrate the first successes very quickly! “

Hielke came on board in May 2018. He got off to a great start and thanks to convincing results; we could welcome Frank to the team in January 2019. With the arrival of recruiter Daniëlle in September 2019, team Xelvin North is now at full strength. There is relatively little hierarchy within the team, and we encourage input. Michiel: “We are very honest with each other, and there can be differences of opinion. You can be yourself with us”. Jeroen: As well as hard work, there is also time for socialising. “When you have success, you have to enjoy it, and when you enjoy it, you’ll be successful. We always celebrate our achievements together. Recently, we went to Ameland with all the Xelvin Specials. We went land sailing on the beach, we ate together and had a beer or two. It’s nice to get the group together! “

Making a conscious choice for a niche market

The decision to specialise is proving fruitful. Jeroen: “You become an expert in the market, and that’s a big advantage to both sides. As a specialist, you can understand the technology and are aware of developments in the market. You can build an effective network with exactly the right people.”

Our customers tell us that we speak their language. We ask the right questions, and we hear that they appreciate that we fully grasp the job profiles,” adds Michiel.

“As a specialist, you are cognizant of the market, which is a major advantage on all sides.”

Business team with an eye for people

A commercial drive is crucial when starting up a new organisation. You won’t make it without hard-working, focused people. At Xelvin Installation Technique, achieving success cannot be at the expense of providing a thorough service. Jeroen: “We’re all individuals with a strong commercial attitude. In this line of work you have to be value for money, we’re all conscious of that. We are on a big plus this year, and we’re delighted. A shared characteristic of our team members is that we have a high sense of responsibility. Everyone feels that they are part of Xelvin Installation Technique. I think that’s a fundamental factor. As well as our outstanding commercial results, I am just as proud of the way we work and how satisfied our candidates and clients are. We are cautious about our procedures and discuss things extensively with our candidates. Our reviews are always positive, and that’s essential if you want to be successful in the long term.”

State clearly which organisation the vacancy is for

A transparent working method is one of the foundations of Xelvin Installation Technique. For example, we always state which organisation is advertising the job. Transparency is also essential for our clients. Michiel: “We are open and honest about someone’s strengths and weaknesses and always disclose if a candidate has gone through proceedings. We regularly get feedback that our working method is well appreciated. Now that we have been busy a little longer, we can see the fruits of our labour. People come back to us, and we are thrilled with that.”


In terms of vacancies, there has been a noticeable shift in recent years. During the start-up phase, we dealt with all kinds of functions within installation technology. At the moment, we seem to be filling more office functions such as work planner, engineer and draftsman. Investing in training is also an option. Jeroen: “If we meet good people who don’t have the required diplomas yet, there are all sorts of solutions for that.”

When you are goal-orientated, you sometimes jump to the next step fast. However, it is vital to reflect on what we have already achieved. Jeroen: “It is lovely to hear that people want to work for us, and we are honoured to work with great customers. I am most proud of our team — a top group of people with high energy. We want to make something big out of Xelvin Installation Technique! “

Plans for 2020

Currently at Xelvin Installation Technique, after a certain period, seconded employees will receive a contract with the client. Changes will take place in the coming years. “There are people who are currently seconded regularly, and ideally we would like them to have more permanent employment,” says Jeroen. “These people can then work for our customers on a project basis. Our ambition is to work in the future with a permanent pool of outstanding engineers and project managers, with whom we can cover temporary projects. We’ll definitely start doing that in 2020. “

Ambition: national coverage

There are more grand plans for 2020. Michiel: “Our ambition is to create complete national coverage. The North location runs like clockwork and in the East location is off to a great start in Apeldoorn. Geographically, this is the optimum location for us; from there we can access a large region. We are proceeding well, getting to know more and more nice companies and technicians, and we have made some exciting matches. But we want more, and that’s why we’re looking for at least one new colleague who can help expand this location.” Jeroen: “We are searching for an experienced consultant with a strong commercial drive. Someone who wants to grow, but also wants to stay operational on the front line.”

“You’ll get the chance to build your own branch in a new region. That’s an exciting challenge, and it’s going to be a lot of fun! “

As well as East Netherlands, we want to turn our search for new customers towards the West side of the country. Jeroen: “We are already active with MBO and HBO level maintenance positions in installation technology, and increasingly we are filling engineering roles for new projects. There are even more opportunities for us in the higher sector. We want to expand our network in that direction soon, that’s our next target! “