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  • 20 November 2019

Workplanner Johan five years at Xelvin

“I wear the Xelvin jacket every day, even though I no longer work for Xelvin.”

Johan Lanting, planner and work planner, can check off his fifth year at Xelvin. Since then, he has started working for one of our customers and is entering the new year with a permanent contract. No better reason to visit Johan for a coffee to talk about his career and the past five years.

While enjoying a good cup of coffee, Johan talks us through his career: “I’ve worked at quite a few companies for Xelvin. I’m 52 after all. I can’t change that,” laughs Johan. His parents encouraged his interest in technology. He happily took care of all the technology on the family farm. “My parents did not expect me to take over the business, so I undertook mechanical engineering at the MTS.” Soon after, he took his first job at the technical department in a concrete company. Now, more than a few years later, Johan can add a long list of companies to his experience. He has worked with infusion bags, dog and cat food, milking machines, cheese, forklifts and much more.

After several years as a technical service technician, an opportunity came up for Johan to gain experience as a work planner/planner. “I’d never heard of it, but I was very happy for the opportunity. I didn’t want to keep crawling under machines for the rest of my life.” After a few years of work experience, he found the perfect job at an employer in Beilen. That was also the year in which Johan and his wife decided to pursue their dream. To emigrate to Norway and start their own hotel. “We had arranged everything, but two weeks before we were due to leave, everything fell through. “My employer was more than happy to take me back. He took my letter of resignation out of the drawer, tore it up and I went immediately back to work. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for long as they had to let me go due to spending cuts”.

That’s when Johan first came into contact with Xelvin. His employer said that if he went to work through Xelvin, he could stay. “I had never heard of Xelvin, but I decided to talk to one of the people from Xelvin Hoogeveen. It was a nice conversation, and Gertjan told me exactly what they do and how they work. It was no problem at all; nothing changed for me except who paid my salary. “Johan worked for Xelvin Noord for three years. “Normally, I didn’t have much to tell Gertjan, but after three years I had to tell him that I was moving out of the area”.

Johan and his wife moved to Geesteren. “Xelvin was a pleasant surprise. We talked about travel costs, and it wasn’t difficult at all. I even got a lease car to travel from Geesteren to Beilen. After travelling back and forth for a few months, I decided it was a waste of my time and Gertjan introduced me to Xelvin Oost to discuss the possibilities there. I started work immediately at a company in the vicinity. A year later, Ryan found an opening at another branch of the old company from Beilen, where I had worked for three years. “Then I knew that Ryan was looking after my interests, and I thought that was impressive. We have a good connection. That’s why he’s welcome to come to my house for a coffee, anytime” says Johan smiling.

“Looking back, I can say that I have found Xelvin to be a very amiable organisation. Of course, there were a few things along the way that we had to sort out, but in the end, it always worked out. I also learned a lot from the Techniek 3.0 evenings “. Johan fondly remembers events like the big party for the 10th anniversary, helicopter flying and the Christmas drinks with the Christmas gifts. “That was always really well arranged and very personal! The people at Xelvin have nothing but positive things to say about Johan. “We often say that Johan has a blue heart (in other words, a Xelvin heart). He always has the Xelvin jacket on, such a good guy! “When asked about the coat, Johan keeps it short but powerful: “They’re just quality coats, and the logo is reasonably subtle. I wear the Xelvin jacket practically every day, even though I no longer work for Xelvin!