Elvio Reveruzzi – Took the plunge and embraced new challenges abroad!

3 years ago, Elvio Reveruzzi moved to the Netherlands for a new endeavor: working for ASML. He has now taken his career to the next step and recently started working for Philips, a new environment and all new systems!

Why did you choose to work abroad?

”First of all, to learn more about different cultures! But I was especially sceptical about the work environments in Italy. Usually, people are underpaid, and you can’t really grow inside a company unless you know people. So I thought, let’s try outside Italy! I did my master’s degree in America, and coming back to Italy, I didn’t see anything inspiring, so I didn’t even try to apply for a job in Italy. I wanted to have new adventures in a different country!”

What has your experience working abroad given you?

“First of all, the international environment. Seriously, I have met so many people from so many different countries. In my team at ASML, we had people from Nigeria, South Africa, India, China, and America. So I really could experience the international work environment that I never would have in Italy. Another thing is that you feel the influence of different cultures in the Netherlands. When I was in America, I could see society was and how things are set over there. That made me curious about other countries! In Italy, we say that Europe is fairer and more civilized, so why not accept a new challenge in the Netherlands! The Netherlands is one of the first countries known to be really open-minded and tolerant. That was a real motivation for me to work and live in the Netherlands.”

If you now look back on where you are now, would you still choose to work abroad and why?

“Yes, I would still choose to work abroad in the Netherlands. I also looked at countries like Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, but the Netherlands is the most open-minded, easygoing, and respectful. That was really convincing for me.”

How did you experience Xelvin’s support?

“It already says enough that I’ve referred multiple friends to Xelvin. Number one, Xelvin is really trustworthy. That’s essential for me. In addition, Xelvin arranged everything very smoothly. All steps were clearly explained in the process. As I told you, Xelvin is always easy to reach; looking at the communication, giving you the feeling that you’re really getting supported in your journey. They always reply fast.”

What are your reasons to convince someone in doubt to work for Xelvin?

“I never had any problems with Xelvin. The payments were always on time. I recommend that you always use a recruitment company, they are the key to the doors. Xelvin has a friendly, welcoming environment. You can always contact them, and it doesn’t have to be formal. They feel like real friends. With Bram, I can grab a beer and have a nice conversation. Informal doesn’t mean that they’re not professional because they really are professional. With Xelvin, you’re not a number; you’re an engineer!”

Do you have any advice for other people thinking about making the move?

“Don’t judge when you’ve just arrived; wait 3 months before you decide if you like it. In the beginning, you need to adapt, and you’ll see, it will be positive! Living abroad is doesn’t have to be forever. When you’re young, you are flexible, you have nothing to lose! Think about the better situation you can have in another country. Being willing to work abroad is a beautiful ambition, and there is always a career path. In 3 years, I’ve done more than other people I know could achieve in 10 years, not only from a professional perspective but also from life experiences! For me, working abroad is not only about being an engineer; it’s about learning how to work with other people. What is it like to work with such open-minded people? It’s really nice; you grow much more as a person than when you stay in your little hometown.”

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