Xelvin South-African ‘Sokkie’ event

And don’t worry if you missed this event, we’re already planning to do another one soon! But let us first take you back to the 25th of march. Around 19:30 the first South-Africans attended the dancefloor in Strijp-S, Eindhoven. And surprise surprise, everyone was so energetic and excited for this Sokkie dance. It was very obvious that they’ve missed this traditional dance.

As soon as we knew, with the help of our colleague Duné for the South-African music, everyone started dancing. And of course, when Xelvin arranges an event we have more than enough drinks and delicious Dutch snacks, every heard about ‘bitterballen’?! It was such an awesome vibe, everyone was so happy and thankful for the evening. During the night we asked a few questions about how their evening was so far and they told us to arrange this every week. Our South-African engineers do not only own technical skills, but also dance moves!

A few drinks and a lot of dancing and giggles later, the evening came to an end. It was an awesome event and we are sure that we will arrange this more often. The next Sokkie is planned on the 15th of July, will we see you there?

The aftermovie

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