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The construction of a yacht of our client takes place in various phases, with the Engineering phase being the heart of our design process. In this phase, the yacht is designed from concept to detailed, manufacturable drawings. Customer requirements are translated within the agreed construction duration, budget, and established quality standards.
As an Engineering Project Manager at our client's Shipyard, you are ultimately responsible for the entire engineering phase during the construction of the building process of the yacht. You will operationally lead a team of (senior) Engineers with various specializations (Interior, Exterior, Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Special Engineering, Electrical). From sales to delivery, you lead the engineering team within the project team and ensure the effective and efficient operation of the team. Together with the Project Manager and the Manager Engineering, you develop the engineering strategy and determine the composition of the engineering team.
As an Engineering Project Manager, you work in the Project Management department and report to the Project Manager of the ship being built.
Under your leadership, Project Leads, Engineers, and other specialists translate the often unique customer requirements into a manufacturable design. Throughout the process, you monitor and oversee the engineering project planning, progress, budget, quality, efficiency, and safety, making adjustments where necessary.