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International field service engineer
In Weert they make vertical form-fill and seal machines mainly for the food industry. They then test these machines and send them on transport to the customer's final production location. As a Field Service Engineer you will be present both during the construction and possible testing of the machine in Weert and during the delivery of the machine to the customer where you will be responsible for commissioning on location (including synchronization, adjustment, checking and testing). You are on the road a lot (about 60%), always working in different cultures; no workplace is the same. On the other hand, you are part of an innovative organization that always wants the best for the customer and where you are the first to install the machine at the customer's site. You will also solve malfunctions at customers, provide 'training on the job' if required, and perform inspections in the role of an expert. On a rotational basis you will work in the helpdesk team for technical support.
Logistics Engineer
Would you like to take your career as a Logistics Engineer to the next level and join one of the international companies in the Netherlands?

What to expect as a Logistics Engineer:
As a Logistics Engineer, you deliver project-based support with a special focus on digital solutions for end users using Low Code development technique. You translate business needs into compelling digital products, directly adding value to Operations. As you collaborate so closely with users, you are fully aware of their needs and pain points, putting you in an excellent position to inspire the organization with opportunities for new digital products. You envision what the business processes should look like after the implementation of your digital tools, once again adding value to the business.

As a project lead, together with digital specialist (where needed), you take care of specification, design, engineering, testing, delivering, deploying, adoption, maintaining and supporting the digital products. More in detail:
  • Understand and document the current business process
  • Identify problems and inefficiencies in the process that could be solved with a new product
  • Design digital solutions using Low Code development techniques and make it fit with the to-be process
  • Work with the users to iterate on the digital solutions
  • Push the business in making the changes to the business process and adopt the digital tool
  • Act as a point of contact for users to report problems and help resolve issues
  • Ensure the use of data in line with the Data Principles & Policy
  • Maintain and enhance the released digital tools, ensuring continuity and reliability
  • Your work is organized through agile principles, BizDevOps mindset, and continuous delivery practices.
  • You will work together with all European Distribution Centers and all other involved departments within PPE.
  • As a Logistics Engineer, you will report to the European Continuous Improvement Manager.
Engineer Yachtbuilding
This company specializes in building large custom yachts up to 140 meters in length. Offering a highly personalized service to clients, applying innovative design and technology to create one-of-a-kind bespoke yachts that respect the vision of both the Owner and the designer.

In this role you will have the following duties and responsibilities:
  • As an Engineer you are part of one of our inspiring project teams that realize our yachts. You report to the Lead Engineer
  • The Engineer is dedicated to and has expertise in a single technical discipline. We distinguish the disciplines Outfit and Systems. In assigning Engineers to an discipline the main expertise of the employee is taken into consideration.
  • You will be working on the translation of the conceptual design into production information (engineering documents and specifications) for the various technical production disciplines. As key Engineering objectives Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering and Production Support are distinguished.
  • You will be assigned to a project and will be working on all necessary information for the specification of the yacht and applicable norms, standards, laws and regulations.
  • You will study and interpret the naval design package and preconditions and prepare the basic and detail multidisciplinary technical drawings and technical specifications for purchasing & subcontracting.
  • You are quality oriented in your approach and plan and organize the work in such a way that goals are achieved in time.
Assembler / Mechanical Technician
ob description:

In partnership with our customers we are transforming the way food is processed. Our vision is of a world where quality food is produced sustainably and affordably.

The Assembly Mechanic is responsible for the correct assembly of modules and machines. If technical problems, breakdowns or issues in relation to supply lead times, quality, or capacity occur, the Team Leader has to be contacted.
Main tasks:
  • Assembly of modules and machines based on customer specifications;
  • Fulfilling supply lead times and standard times;
  • Safe and certified operation of industrial equipment as needed;
  • Compliance with the health and safety, environmental regulations and standards as well as adhering to quality control regulations;
  • Participation in work discussion meetings;
  • Adherence to checklist and disassembly processes, including inspection, calibration and adjustment of the dynamic functions during test runs;
  • Initiation of improvements within one’s own area of responsibility. This includes identifying misalignment in protocol and resources, giving feedback onmanufacturability and reproducibility of machines and communicating any faults or deficiencies to the Team Leader. Collaboration with outside departments when needed;
  • Other tasks as specified by the Assembly Team Leader/Supervisor.
CNC Miller/Programmer

  • independent setting, operating and programming of machining centers, on which high-quality products are

  • adjusting, changing and setting tools
  • control of the current parameters of the device
  • adjusting CNC programs,;
  • setting machines, taking measurements and corrections.

Skills and abilities:

  • Working with people; enjoys being part of a team and works well with others;
  • Problem-solving; approaches difficulties with innovative insight and ability to apply technical expertise to work;
  • Result-driven to and focused on meeting customer expectations and fulfilling quality standards;
  • Punctuality; ability to keep to schedules, follow instructions, legal obligations and safety requirements;
  • Drive to set personal work goals and objectives and the enthusiasm to achieve these.

Xelvin values good employment practices. We offer you firmness, stability and fun. The salary range for this position is between €2,850 and €3,250 gross per month, excluding any allowances. We facilitate 24/7 accident insurance, group health insurance discount, referral bonus and informal activities. Additional requirements for performing your job are provided by us.
Naval Architect
Let's start with what we have to offer!
  • Naturally, as a Naval Architect you make an important (and necessary) contribution to the custom-built yacht;
  • At de Voogt Naval Architects, all expertise can be found under one roof, covering the entire design and engineering process. They also have a Research & Development department.
  • You will receive a salary between 4000 & 5000 euros gross per month;
  • With will receive an annual Xelvin contract. After this you will be employed by de Voogt;
  • Outings are organized every year, such as the Christmas drinks & summer BBQ. We would like to have you here!

Then about the function:
As a Naval Architect you materialize the most challenging (technical) wishes of the customers, while never losing sight of the naval design. You focus on delivering a ship design, tackling issues and applying new techniques in the design. You are responsible from the concept phase to the delivery phase. Together with the team you ensure that the project requirements are feasible. In addition, you have close contact with other specializations in the organization.

Your responsibilities include:
  • Setting up, calculating and developing ship designs;
  • Checking whether the information is accurate and making a critical analysis regarding the feasibility and feasibility of the design;
  • Supporting and advising the Naval Architects with regard to design integrity in accordance with the preconditions;
  • Monitoring the development of norms, standards and procedures. With the aim of optimally deploying knowledge & skills.
PCBA Assembler
Do you have fine motor skills? Do you like tinkering and would you like to work in a technical production environment? Do you have a lot of affinity with technology and are you looking for a job where you will have the opportunity to assemble products from pre-assembly to inspection? Then start working as an Electronic Assembly!

What are you going to do?

As an Electronic Assembler you are responsible for covering printed circuit boards with electronic components. You carry out this on the basis of work instructions or drawings. You ensure that preparations are mad and pre-assembly is done, such as cutting, bending and hoeing the products. In addition to the assembly, you are also responsible for part of the quality control. You do this by checking the printed circuit boards made on the basis of a work instruction. If you find errors, you make sure that they are registered.

Your duties also include placing print panels by hand using a stuck table and placing the printed circuit boards in soldering moulds, applying accessories and recipes. You’ll check and repair the soldering process according to IPC standards and perform soldering work, assembling and dismantling printed circuit boards according to work instructions. Besides that you will carrying out a final inspection using a checklist.

What can you expect from Xelvin:
  • 2 years Xelvin contract including competitive salary, holiday allowance, paid holidays and pension.
  • Relocation package from Xelvin: Finding the right new challenge, relocation budget paid by Xelvin, arranging of documentation to work in the Netherlands and guidance from housing consultant to find an accommodation.
  • Salary between €2800 and €3200 gross per month excl. allowances depending your working experience.
  • A job with perspective. After the 2 years contract of Xelvin you will be on permanent contracted by your employer.
  • Career-oriented education, training or courses.
Coordinator Electrical Engineering Yacht Building
Let's start with what we have to offer!
  • As a Coordinator Electrical Engineer you will have a big impact on all the electrical parts of the yacht. Which are a lot!
  • Oceanco is a project-orientated company, which means that you are going to work together with a lot of different disciplines;
  • You will receive a salary between 5000 & 6000 euros gross a month;
  • We offer you an annual Xelvin contract, after this, you will be employed by Oceanco;
  • Outings are organized every year, such as Christmas drinks and a summer BBQ. We would like to have you here!

Let's dive in to the work assignments:
As a Coordinator Electrical Engineer, you will lead, develop and motivate assigned teams of subordinate in-house professionals. You supervise and realize in time availability of all engineering documents of the electrical discipline. And will develop a detailed planning and delivery schedule for engineering documentation, in close collaboration with the Project Manager Engineering and involved third parties. You will function as a first point of contact for Regulatory Authorities, Owner’s Representative, Designers and Subcontractors to monitor a day-to-day progress and alignment of engineering work.

Your other responsibilities include:
  • Solving upcoming planning and progress problems and adjust and align all parties involved;
  • Instructing third parties about standards and working methods;
  • Leading, developing and motivating functionally assigned team of subordinate in-house professionals;
  • Taking over the tasks/action of the design team during contract phase;
  • Responsible for scope & demarcation within the discipline electrical;
  • Coordinate the Engineering package to the level of production information and remains content responsible throughout the building process.

Module Tester
Electronics, testing, troubleshooting. These are keywords that describe your position. Before our products go to the customer, the products are tested. You will therefore be responsible for this. Are you at home in electronics and do you want to work in a high-tech environment? Then you might be the reinforcement we are looking for!

Job description
Your work starts with good preparation. You view the product documentation and are aware of the test regulations. You set up the test setup and prepare the work. After this you will actually test the assembled products with the corresponding test. Finally, you program the assembled systems. You work with different test programs and test systems on a daily basis. If a test is unexpectedly unsuccessful, you will analyze and solve the malfunction. You do this on the basis of mechanical drawings, (complicated) electronic diagrams and the order instruction lists. You register and replace any defective parts and link them back to production, to improve the production process. You are also involved in investigating customer complaints at product level and you do a final visual check before a product goes to the warehouse for shipment.

Your tasks include:
Maintaining (intensive) contact with your manager, test engineers or quality engineers;
Completion of test reports and checklists, error registration and improvement forms;
Participate in proto/pilot discussions;
Ordering items from the warehouse.

What we offer you:
  • A salary between €2900,- and €3600,- gross per month;
  • A fixed ADV allowance of 5%;
  • There is a travel allowance scheme;
  • You are entitled to 25 holidays;
  • You build up a holiday allowance of 8.33%;
  • The possibility of attending training courses/courses;
  • And this is a permanent position for a longer period of time.
  • Challenging position in a dynamic and core manufacturing environment;
  • A technical hands-on position, within a highly driven and collegial working environment;
  • An interesting work environment where you will be working in the cleanroom and outside the cleanroom;
Projectlead HVAC Yacht Building
Let's start with what we have to offer!
  • As a Project Lead you will play a big role in all sanitairy systems and installlations on the yacht. Which are a lot!
  • You are going to work together with a lot of different disciplines and people;
  • You will receive a salary between 4500 & 5250 euros gross a month;
  • We offer you an annual Xelvin contract, after this, you will be employed by Heesen Yachts;
  • Outings are organized every year, such as Christmas drinks and a summer BBQ. We would like to have you here!

Let's dive into your responsibilities:
As a Project Lead HVAC you are the point of contact for all sanitairy installations on board of the yacht. From the moment that the engineeringsdepartment has determined the specifications you are responsible for leading the project. You will coordinate the demans of the project, deadlines, plans and coordinate with your colleagues from other diciplines.
  • You oversee the whole project and guard the planning, budget and progress;
  • You will lead the projectteam and coordinate the preparation for production;
  • You take project risks, set guidelines and quality requirements into account. You gradually evaluate the projects and make adjustments.
Sailing Systems Engineer
Let's start with what we have to offer!
  • As a Sailing Systems Engineer you make a major contribution to the design and ultimately the production of sailing systems. A very important part of a sailing yacht;
  • Rondal stands for technical innovations, where ingenuity and craftsmanship are central;
  • You will receive a salary between 3500 - 4000 euros gross per month;
  • We offer you a Xelvin annual contract, after which you will be employed by Rondal;
  • We organize all kinds of outings throughout the year, such as a Christmas drink, but also a summer BBQ. We look forward to having you!

Then your responsiblities as Sailing Systems Engineer:
Your responsibilities range from setting up concepts and performing calculations to developing designs in detail. You also test the sail systems in practice. Various 2D & 3D CAD packages are used to develop the designs. The majority of the design is carried out using simulation software (FEM/CFD). The work but also the products offer a technical mix of shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, aviation, sailing and mechatronics.
Production Technician (working in the Netherlands)
Cuijk (the Netherlands)
Within the position of Technical Operator you will work in the Converting department. Processing is carried out here using various production lines. This includes cutting, wrapping, packaging and palletizing. You will work in a team of different operators in a 5-shift schedule. As a Technical Operator you don't just have to press buttons all day long, it's much more than that. You will be challenged on a technical level. For example, you carry out technical inspections, resolve mechanical faults and carry out first-line maintenance.

So you are doing:
  • Preparing production;
  • Operating and adjusting production lines;
  • Technical inspections and troubleshooting;
  • Transferring knowledge and drawing up operating instructions;
  • Administration.
Millwright / Maintenance technician
South Africa
We are looking for a skilled and qualified maintenance technician / Millwright to join a dynamic and ever growing manufacturing / Process company in the Netherlands.
Your duties will include but not limited to, carrying out planned maintenance, conducting routine preventative maintenace tasks, and attending to immediate plant malfunctions.
The candidate would be expected to be responsible for both mechanical and electrical maintenance of both mechanical and electrical maintenance of the plant equipment and machenery.
Reading, analyzing and interpreting technical procedures, electrical schematics, blueprints service manuals and work orders to preform the required work.
E&I Technician / Electrician
As a E&I technician you will be part of a large and/or small team with plenty of room for growth and development, you will be engaged in commissioning, repais, overhaul and service technical installations in the process industry.
Almost every situation is different and new. Due to work diversity your routine approach will differ daily to insure growth of work technique.
Our goal is to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers at a higher level.
Within our E&I technician, your duties are mainly within the electricak engineering field but you will also be responsible for maintaining relationships with customers, material flow and planning.
You will have to preform the work independently or in a small team.
Very accurate and will be the point of contact for clients / customers and relations regarding the daily work.
Millwright ( All Round Monteur )

  • Perform maintenance and repairs on various production equipment, including hydraulic presses, bending machines, cut-off machines, welding machines, and other related equipment.
  • Conduct fault finding and troubleshooting on hydraulic and pneumatic systems, diagnosing issues and implementing appropriate solutions.
  • Read and interpret technical drawings related to hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems.
  • Demonstrate sound knowledge of screw compressors, overhead cranes, and mechanical components (bearings, seals, shafts, sprockets, etc.).
  • Apply strong electrical knowledge to handle electrical maintenance and repairs.
  • Possess a solid understanding of PLC systems, programming, and troubleshooting..
  • Utilise computer literacy skills for equipment maintenance documentation and other related tasks.
  • Maintain a safe working environment and adhere to all safety protocols.
  • Perform preventative maintenance as required for facilities, buildings, grounds, tools and equipment
  • Identify and report potential problems related to facilities, buildings, grounds, tools and equipment to Facilities managemen
  • Identify and report problems with mechanical and electrical systems and operational equipment to Facilities management
  • Prepare and maintain maintenance and repair logs and records
  • To anticipate and identify possible machine reliability problems, which could appear and take appropriate actions to ensure manufacturing process continuity.
  • To facilitate and problem-solving processes; provide inputs/suggestions to the Maintenance Foreman for continuous improvement.
  • To record and analyse breakdown trends per machine using a maintenance system in order to motivate equipment improvement or purchases.
  • To render support on ad hoc projects e.g. renovate and refurbish machines/installations and commission in order to optimise process flow.
  • Maintenance Performance Analysis and Reporting
  • Planning and of Ensuring Equipment Maintenance on Equipment and Planned Maintenance
Millwright - Service maintenance technician
South Africa
Position Overview: We are seeking a skilled and experienced Millwright to join our team. The Millwright will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our production facilities by performing maintenance, repairs, and installations on our machinery and equipment.
1. Perform routine maintenance and repairs on machinery and equipment to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.
2. Troubleshoot mechanical issues and implement effective solutions to resolve them promptly.
3. Conduct inspections and assessments of machinery and equipment to identify potential problems and areas for improvement.
4. Install new machinery and equipment according to specifications and safety standards.
5. Collaborate with other departments, such as production and engineering, to coordinate maintenance activities and minimize disruptions to operations.
6. Adhere to safety protocols and procedures at all times to maintain a safe working environment for yourself and others.
7. Keep accurate records of maintenance activities, including work performed, parts used, and maintenance schedules.
8. Stay updated on industry trends and advancements in millwright techniques and technologies.

Note: The above job description is intended to outline the general nature and level of work being preformed by individuals assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required for the role. Management reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet organizational needs as necessary.
Embedded Software Engineer
Embedded Software Engineer

Introduction to the job
PACCAR stands as a global leader in technology, excelling in the design, manufacture, and support of premium light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks under the renowned names of Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF. Alongside advanced diesel engine design and manufacturing, PACCAR offers financial services, information technology, and distributes truck parts integral to its core business.

Joining us as an Embedded Software Engineer, you will be part of a seasoned international team within the Application Software Department of DAF Embedded Engineering. Our primary location is in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with an additional office in Pune, India. Embedded Engineering collaborates closely with PACCAR Embedded Engineering based in Renton, near Seattle, USA. With a team of over 180 highly skilled professionals, we deliver top-tier engineering in the fields of engine controllers and vehicle controllers. Our unique, fully model-based software development process sets us apart in the industry. Our products are not only applied in DAF trucks but also in the well-known PACCAR brands Kenworth and Peterbilt. Through component sales, leading bus and coach manufacturers also utilize our products.

We are seeking experienced candidates to bolster our Software Development Team in Eindhoven, which comprises around 50 software engineers, with a specific focus on integration and build

Roles & Responsibilities
You will collaborate with our top engineers, bringing your software expertise while learning automotive-specific technologies. Our Embedded Engineering Academy program will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of our organization during your first year.

A large company like ours offers many opportunities. You might be working as a software developer on the engine controller one day and acting as the scrum master for the digital instrument panel team the next. Additionally, you can participate in exchange programs with our sister brands, working for a sprint with the Kenworth team in Renton, near Seattle, or the Peterbilt team in Denton, near Dallas. Standout performers may get the chance to work at our PACCAR Innovation Center in Sunnyvale, the heart of Silicon Valley.

Despite the complexity of the tasks, the rewards are significant. Seeing the results of your hard work on the roads, whether in DAF trucks or in the first Zero Emissions Kenworth, offers a deep sense of accomplishment.

 Design, implement, and test systems, subsystems, and components as part of a user story/feature; understand and communicate how the design impacts the architecture
 Ensure designs are testable, both manually and automatically
 Take part in planning and retrospective processes during scrum rituals
 Identify and resolve impediments, with support from the scrum master if needed
 Collaborate with, support, and guide team members to achieve team goals
 Execute the definition of done, minimize build failures due to integration issues, and promptly address any failures
 Challenge the status quo and introduce your best software development practices into the automotive industry
 Participate in bi-annual hackathons
 Report to the supervisor of Platform Development - Software Engineering

Education, experience & skills
 A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, Informatics, Computer Science, or a related field.
o Candidates with mechanical or mechatronics education backgrounds will be rejected unless they can demonstrate relevant software engineering coursework.
 Proficiency in software engineering, with at least 6 years of experience in Python, C, C++, or similar languages
 Experience with Matlab/Simulink & Stateflow, CI/CD, Agile/Scrum teams, and tools like Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitHub Actions, or equivalent
 Demonstrable projects on GitHub (or similar platforms) to discuss during the interview
 Strong collaboration skills, ability to manage conflicts and interdependencies, and a proactive, adaptive work style
 A willingness to learn and show perseverance, with a propensity to take initiative for continuous improvement
 Fluency in English, with effective verbal and written communication skills, and a willingness to learn Dutch

 To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:
 Experience in the automotive industry, particularly as a software programmer
 An entrepreneurial mindset and a readiness to explore uncharted territories
 The ability to coach and mentor junior team members

Our client
DAF Trucks is a Dutch truck manufacturing company and a division of Paccar. Its headquarters and main plant are in Eindhoven.
Within the company there are different departments who specialize all in their own field, but still have to work together to achieve the goals the company has set.
DAF started as a small construction workplace, and developed into a leading truck fabricant who is focused on an innovative, quality and efficient transport.
System Owner (HW/SW) Automotive
Control System Owner – HW & SW

Introduction to the job
Within the Embedded Engineering department, part of DAF Product Development and PACCAR Global Powertrain, we are seeking a talented Embedded System Owner. In this role, you will be pivotal in leading the hardware and software development of Electric Drive Controllers and Electric Powertrain Controllers for future electric powertrains. These controllers will manage functions such as controlling the electric engines, gearbox, vehicle torque arbitration, charge control, and vehicle thermal management for future Battery Electric Vehicles.

Roles & Responsibilities
 Coordinate hardware and software development activities for your Embedded System
 Initiate and define risk analysis and validation plans for both hardware and software components
 Create, monitor, and report on platform project plans for software and hardware development activities
 Manage supplier relationships
 Ensure technical definitions align with defined strategies and report any discrepancies
 Present and report project status concerning Quality, Cost, Timing, and Performance (QCTP)
 Organize and participate in supplier and internal project meetings

Education, experience & skills
 A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Automotive/Embedded Engineering or equivalent, with at least 3 years of experience in a coordinating role; multiple years of experience in a project lead role is an advantage
 3 years of experience in Control System Development
 Experience in supplier management

To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:
 A team player who is pro-active, with strong analytical skills and a problem-solving attitude
 Knowledge of design for Six Sigma methodology
 Familiarity with Functional Safety (ISO26262)
 Understanding of embedded system design processes (according to the V-cycle)
 Proficiency in English is mandatory, along with Dutch (or a willingness to learn Dutch)

Our client
DAF Trucks is a Dutch truck manufacturing company and a division of Paccar. Its headquarters and main plant are in Eindhoven.
Within the company there are different departments who specialize all in their own field, but still have to work together to achieve the goals the company has set.
DAF started as a small construction workplace, and developed into a leading truck fabricant who is focused on an innovative, quality and efficient transport.
Engine Performance Engineer
Engine Performance Engineer

Introduction to the job
Investigate and optimize fuel consumption of current and new engine concepts to achieve best-in-class performance on customer, VECTO, and GEM drive cycles.
As an Engine Performance Engineer, you will join the Concept Development team, which initiates and tests new Engine and Aftertreatment Concepts to meet future regulations.

Roles & Responsibilities
 Monitor fuel consumption status throughout the project timeline and address any unexpected changes.
 Perform and automate fuel consumption analyses for current and new engine concepts.
 Investigate and optimize fuel consumption on customer drive cycles, VECTO, and GEM.
 Support efforts to optimize GEM and VECTO results.
 Manage a project portfolio that includes a variety of projects (Running Business, new engine concepts, and future fuels).
 Serve as an expert on diesel and powertrain technology for heavy-duty applications.
 Collaborate in multidisciplinary teams.
 Work with other departments to optimize the powertrain.
 Support the optimization and development of calibration and control strategies for future powertrains.
 Document and analyze test results, tool usage, and identify possible improvements.
 Take initiative to constantly improve tools and processes.

Education, experience & skills
 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Automotive or Mechanical Engineering.
 Experience in heavy-duty powertrain development with excellent knowledge of thermodynamics, combustion, and controls.
 Experience with GEM and VECTO tools.
 Analytical capacity to investigate complex data from multiple sources with a high level of variables.
 Engine testing experience, preferably with heavy-duty truck powertrains.
 Proficiency in data acquisition and data analytics.
 Experience with PUMA/Concerto and Matlab (modeling and scripting).

To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:
 Initiative: Proactive monitoring and investigation.
 Cooperation: Bringing together groups with different insights and disciplines.
 Result Orientation: Ensuring progress and making timely decisions.
 Monitoring: Tracking expected performance and addressing any changes.
 Attention to Detail: Conducting accurate investigations and incorporating all details.
 Perseverance
 Good English skills, both verbal and written.

Our client
DAF Trucks is a Dutch truck manufacturing company and a division of Paccar. Its headquarters and main plant are in Eindhoven.
Within the company there are different departments who specialize all in their own field, but still have to work together to achieve the goals the company has set.
DAF started as a small construction workplace, and developed into a leading truck fabricant who is focused on an innovative, quality and efficient transport.
Module Assembler
Do you want to work at a company in the High-tech? Do you like diversity in your job? And do you like to build a product from A to Z? Then we have the job for you!

As an Assembly employee you will work in a challenging and diverse position. You are responsible for independently assembling electronic modules. These modules are used in various industries such as the medical, automotive and high-tech industry. So you make a difference for many people!
The organization operates in a two-shift system. As a result, you will receive an extra 15% allowance on top of your salary.
The organization is located in the Eindhoven area. The tasks you will perform are:
Gathering the right materials;
Degree is not required;
You will assemble the modules on the basis of work instructions;
Testing the modules is also part of your tasks.

The working hours in the 2-shift system are as follows:
Morning shift: Monday to Friday from 6am to 2:50pm (8am)
Afternoon shift: Monday to Thursday from 2:40 PM to midnight (8.5 hours) and Friday from 2:40 PM to 9:30 PM (6 hours)