Job description

  • As a Lead Engineer, you are dealing with complex issues such as: developing and optimising machine lines, increasing production, producing more cleanly, and solving complex and fundamental failures from the field.
  • Together with the Concept Engineer, you brainstorm on issues and come up with concepts that you translate into technical solutions within project teams.
  • With the Innovation Project Leader and Line Managers, you will assemble a project team that includes: Junior Engineers, Project Engineers, Software Engineers and Test & Validation Engineers. You ensure that you keep your people working and are the technical conscience of such a project.
  • You love working with people and a well-running team makes you happy. You like to coach people, and you are a sparring partner for your team.
  • You regularly discuss issues with your fellow Lead Engineers. You like feedback and consultation, because you like to come up with good ideas together.
  • You are often involved in devising and developing technical concepts. You discuss these concepts with your colleagues, because you think it is important to include them. Ultimately, you take the decisions and provide technical direction for a project: which ideas are you going to develop further?

Job requirements

  • Are you a communicative technician and have you completed an HVE program in Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics?
  • Do you have several years of experience as a Lead Engineer within the mechanical engineering area? And do you like to manage people? Do you like to travel for projects?
  • Do you live in Spain and are you fluent in English?
  • Do you get energy from, together with a team, translating ideas into technical solutions?
  • Are you willing to work in the Netherlands for the first 6 months? We go for a good onboarding process; hence, we would like to invite you to our location in the Netherlands.


€4.500 - €6.500 gross income per month

Company profile

You going to work at an international R&D centre and machine line developer. With passion, we develop machine lines that make it possible to produce sustainable packaging for, among others, the food industry. We have a modern test centre, a pilot plant and various other departments under one roof. And it's all about innovation, sustainable innovation! Not only because our customers and end users from the global retail market demand it every day, but also because we ourselves strive for a world with sustainable packaging materials. A good example is our Fresh project, in which we developed fully compostable packaging for ready-to-eat meals. And the best thing is: this packaging results in 82% less CO2 emissions and no plastic waste. Making a difference, that is what we are proud of!

Because we are growing and developing, we are looking for a Lead Engineer for our location in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Someone who will strengthen our Engineering department and can lead the team. A technician who easily identifies problems and can translate them into concrete technical solutions. You like to dive into the details. You work with your project team on new ideas and concepts and will remain closely involved in the project until the implementation. You can regularly find yourself in our high-tech R&D centre in the Netherlands to discuss projects. But, even after a project, you think it is important to receive feedback from the field: is your new solution working and how is it experienced?

Xelvin Heerenveen is a secondment agency in the North of the Netherlands. We are a competent development partner for innovative technology carriers and leading companies.



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