Teamlead commissioning

Posted on 01 April 2020
  • Eindhoven
  • Academy
  • €3.500 to €4.500

Job description

Coordinate and perform mechanical install, de-install, upgrade and retrofit actions on EUV products at ASML and at the end customer.

Daily Coordination
  • Informing the team about the daily work and dividing the daily tasks.
  • Observing and reviewing manpower plan short and long term.
  • Keeping overview of all projects and making sure all activities are aligned with internal and external procedures
  • Serving as a first point of contact during the commissioning & SAT phase with respect to safety, productivity and quality.
  • Monitoring installation, upgrade or retrofit work progress and reporting about the progress or possible problems to the Coordinator.

Leading & personal development (5-15 engineers)
  • Managing, coaching, guiding and motivating the mechanical team, ensuring individual and group productivity.
  • Organising and monitoring both the processes and the different tasks within the assigned team.
  • Monitoring the working hours and ensuring a safe work environment.
  • Assuring that the team members have the necessary education and training to effectively participate on the team.
  • Creating an inspiring team environment, encouraging creativity and constant improvement.
  • Ensuring smooth team operations and effective collaboration.
  • Listening to team members’ feedback and resolving issues or conflicts.
  • Ensure the quality and quantity of the work of the engineers in the cleanroom.
  • Conducting job interviews and performance appraisals.

  • Reporting about progress or delaying issues during the commissioning installation phase.
  • Checking and approving reporting of hours worked and provided work in SIS.
  • Checking and approving invoices of personnel service providers.
  • Correcting documentation and giving feedback to the respective department.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor level (electrical or optical)
  • Knowledge of the (de)installation techniques
  • Knowledge of project coordination
  • Technical knowledge of TRUMPF products
  • Knowledge of HR procedures.
  • Knowledge of the English language


€3.500 - €4.500 gross income per month

Company profile

TRUMPF is a high-tech company offering manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, laser technology and electronics. In Veldhoven the TRUMPF Service department is directly located at the customer ASML. TRUMPF is delivering laser systems, an essential submodule of ASML EUV lithography systems, and is responsible for the installation, commissioning, final testing and the service for these components.