About Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a city located in The Netherlands. With a population of over 227.000 people, it is the largest city of the south. Eindhoven is located centrally in Europe and easy accessible via Eindhoven Airport. There are three other airports within a 1,5 hour drive of Eindhoven. Other big cities as Amsterdam, Brussel and Düsseldorf are all within a 1,5 hour drive, which makes it easy to visit these during your free time.

Internationals in Eindhoven

Internationals living in Eindhoven are mostly working at the High Tech Campus. On this campus, more than 85 nationalities are working in high tech companies. One in ten people in Eindhoven have a different nationality than Dutch. Eindhoven is called the Brainport Region, or The Silicon Valley of Europe, and is one of the smartest regions in the world.  Living in Eindhoven comes with high living standards, good work-life balance and exciting opportunities for professional and personal development. Some of the companies that are located in Eindhoven are: ASML, Philips, DAF trucks, IBM and Intel.

Lifestyle in Eindhoven

Besides the professional opportunities, there are lots of activities to do. The city centre has a lot of shopping facilities, a vibrant nightlife and several sporting facilities. Eindhoven is also the city of soccer club PSV Eindhoven. PSV Eindhoven is a well-known club throughout the world and when living in Eindhoven, there is no way to miss out on the matches.


Once a year the Dutch Design week is hosted in Eindhoven. This is the largest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and concepts from more than 2600 designer to more than 335.000 visitors from home and abroad. Another cultural hotspot in Eindhoven is the Van Abbe Museum. This museum is located in central Eindhoven and is one of the leading modern art museums in Europe.

In the Eindhoven area there are a lot of well-known restaurants. In total there are seven restaurants with a Michelin star and in total there are 24 restaurants in Eindhoven mentioned in the Michelin guide 2019.

International way of life in Eindhoven

With over 90% of people speaking English, there is no language barrier for internationals. Eindhoven is a city with a lot of expat communities that are easy to get in to. Because of the high number of internationals that are living in Eindhoven, there is no difficulty in meeting new, interesting people. Xelvin will provide you with all the information that you need to become part of these communities and feel at home in Eindhoven even faster.

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