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Choosing to work abroad gives you the opportunity to travel and make money at the same time. Challenge yourself professionally and personally. Engineering is a global language, your skills are needed all over the world. Open up your mind to new possibilities. Gain experience by working in multinational companies with state of the art facilities. Build your CV with skills and practical experience which demonstrate your adaptability and sense of adventure. If you’re ready for a new career challenge then consider the possibility of an international job.

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in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a hothouse of design and creativity. High tech companies in Amsterdam and Eindhoven are clamoring  for new talent to breathe inspiration into their teams. The Dutch embrace diversity, they are outward looking and encourage collaboration. The healthy economy, great infrastructure and strong diplomatic links attract industry market leaders from around the world. This has caused a massive skill shortage, especially in the engineering sector. Low unemployment, great social welfare and quality education mean that working in the Netherlands is a great way start a career abroad.

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