Cristiano Oliveira, decided to take his future to the next level!

Cristiano is a SAT Engineer from Brazil with a background in physics, for which he studied in Portugal for 2 years. So, it’s not his first time working and living abroad! Cristiano now works for Trumpf in the Netherlands.

You already had experience with living and working abroad, why did you choose to do it again?

”There are two compelling reasons for me, One on the professional side and the other on the personal side. Professionally speaking, I was already working in a high-tech facility. However, changes in the government and the ensuing crisis, unfortunately, lead to my contract ending. So, I decided to search abroad! Because High-Tech industry is a small sector in my home country, several my co-workers in the same situation than myself gave up searching for opportunities in the sector after a while. But I told myself ‘no, I am going to do it!‘. Also, I’ve always seen myself working abroad in the future.

My other compelling reason is my girlfriend, who is from Portugal, and the Netherlands is way closer to Portugal than Brazil! Also, here in the Netherlands, we will have way more opportunities to start planning our lives together! So, she has supported me in every step and I couldn’t be happier.”

What has your experience working abroad given you?

“Professional fulfilment. I do what I enjoy, and I feel like I’m at the right place for my career. That is also something that I could never have achieved in my home country. This satisfaction is hugely important for me. I also have my personal reason, as mentioned before: the future with my girlfriend. The Netherlands has been a perfect place to build our lives together and also to develop a career as a technician.

What are your thoughts about the process of working abroad?

”The process was very straightforward. Actually, it was faster than I could ever have imagined. The recruitment process in Brazil is tedious and usually takes a lot longer. Here, It was quite easy! I contacted Xelvin and, after two short months, I got a contract. Xelvin arranged my VISA, and I only needed 2 or 3 other documents. It really was that simple. After only 2 months, I got the job, and now I’m here!

The whole recruitment process was online, and Bram (the consultant I met from Xelvin) especially treated everything with transparency and openness. Whenever I needed his help, I could call him, and everything was quickly solved. Even the apartment where I am living today, they arranged it all for me.”

If you now look back on where you are now, would you still choose to work abroad and why?

”Yes, definitely. I wouldn’t have achieved this if I had stayed in my home country. I also have had the opportunity to meet so many new people from different countries. It is really nice, we learn about each other and from each other. It makes you a better person!

I always look on the bright side of life and always stay positive. So, I can clearly see how this opportunity has been amazing for me. I’m positive about the country, the people and the company.”

How did you obtain information about working abroad?

”At that time, I was looking for a job in Portugal, and I had applied myself for several positions. I was also already working from home for several months because of the Covid-19 situation. One day, while checking the news on my cellphone, I realized that a job fair was being arranged by the university, in Portugal. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the job fair took place on a virtual environment (online). So, I decided to participate even located in Brazil. The fair was starting at 8am (Portuguese time zone). For me, it was 5am. But it was worth it because Xelvin was recruiting at the fair!

After the fair, I immediately sent an e-mail to Bram to introduce myself, to which he answered within 30 minutes in order to set our first interview up. The interview was by video call and it was a relaxed conversation about myself as a person and as a professional, my experiences, interests and career perspectives. At that interview, Bram also gave me all the information I needed to proceed; about the positions available, the High-Tech companies offering them and also the next steps in the recruitment process. During whole process, we kept close contact and every topic was treated with openness by Bram. Good to mention that even when it came to signing the contract, every single paragraph was explained by Xelvin to me in advance.

It is also worth telling that, in my first e-mail contact with Bram, I didn’t specify any particular position that I wanted to go for. But he was very good analyzing my professional profile and was capable to offer best and most suitable position for me! Bram conducted the process very well and clear, and that was the most valuable part for me.”

Have you been to the Netherlands before?

”I’ve actually already been to the Netherlands before, 6 years ago with my girlfriend. We went to Amsterdam and Haarlem, and at the end of the trip, my girlfriend and I said to each other, ‘I would really like to live here!’. So, now we can plan our lives together in the Netherlands, since I’m already here!

Another funny fact at that trip was that our flight from Portugal to the Netherlands landed in Eindhoven. So, we took a bus from the Airport to Eindhoven Central train station. That bus actually drove through Veldhoven next to place where I currently live. At that time, I could’ve never imagined I would be here again and for living!”

Do you have any advice for other people thinking about making the move?

”Moving abroad is a big step and very challenging. So, having the consultancy of a recruitment agency, that knows the local job market very well and have their own customers, is invaluable. Establishing contact with an agency like Xelvin is very beneficial when you start searching for opportunities to expand your career. So, I would say that an excellent way to expose yourself to companies is to get help from Xelvin. Xelvin gives you the possibility to introduce yourself to high-Tech industry in the Netherlands. They really let you achieve your personal and professional objectives.”

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