Dinner with our new starters!

Last week Xelvin organised an event for all our new colleagues (who started last month). We invited all new colleagues at our office in Eindhoven to give them a warm welcome in this beautiful country and to connect the colleagues with each other and with team Xelvin. And of course we did it in Xelvin style: having dinner together! Because nothing is better than having a good chat with some nice food.

In total we were with 21 new colleagues coming from Finland, South-Africa, Ireland, Turkey, Spain, Livhuwani, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. And wow, this gives us so much energy! Building relations and giving people the future they want and deserve is one of the best gestures you can give someone. This is what Xelvin is all about, to make an impact together. So, on to the next dinner!

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