For Companies

Xelvin is genuinely interested in creating freedom for its clients and candidates by presenting them with new opportunities. Xelvin staff members are eager to pass on the gratifying feeling they experience every day.

This is only possible when you set your own interests aside and really listening to the people around you. Xelvin consultants make the best possible match by really listening and by thoroughly studying both the candidates' and companies' personal situations. This personal approach greatly increases the probability that a match will lead to the freedom that people need to realize their goals.

The world of employment services has many flavours and even more parties that present themselves. But what makes Xelvin the best partner? When it comes to our services, this is the most difficult question to answer. Our success depends on the quality of the service. The only way to assess our services is to experience them.

Xelvin has grown significantly in recent years. The basis for this growth is diverse. There are several factors that have enabled us to achieve this growth.

First, there are the people who work at Xelvin. The constant drive ensures that our organization is pushed forward. Because we are always creating new opportunities, we continue to challenge our people. This challenge leads to long-term employment and long-term relationships with our employees and clients.

In addition, at Xelvin we do not distinguish between account managers and recruiters. This is advantageous for our clients, because their contact person is also the one who maintains contact with the candidates. This enables us to paint a clear picture of your organization, and perhaps more importantly, allows us to tell you the story behind the CV. By acknowledging and identifying both the hard and soft criteria, we can achieve the best possible match.

Finally, we are leaders in the field of international recruitment. Because we offer a complete solution, we take a lot of work off our clients' shoulders. You can get back to focusing on the core business, your own business.

The summary above is just a sampling of our added value. At Xelvin, we don't like pretty stories. We like to be challenged. If you are the one who can offer us this challenge, please contact us.