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Telecom Engineer
Province Utrecht
In the upcoming years, significant investments are being made in both existing and new infrastructure where telecommunications will play a pivotal role. As an engineer, you will be closely involved in these innovations in the Netherlands as well as in international projects

As a Telecom Engineer, you will be part of a design team where you contribute your technical expertise in the field of telecommunications. Within integrated projects, you will be responsible for telecom technical designs. Examples include: electrical acoustics, high-frequency telecommunications, control/operation/data systems, or transmission. The projects you will work on span areas such as Rail, Roads, Tunnels/Bridges, Smart Cities, and Buildings.

As a Telecom Engineer, you will be the primary point of contact for the project manager, ensuring the development and coordination of your technical discipline, telecom. You will ensure quality, maintain knowledge levels, and stay updated on market developments in the field of telecommunications. You will serve as the expert and content contact person for the customer and stakeholders on behalf of Arcadis.
You will create designs for systems including visual and auditory travel information, social monitoring, and data transmission, as well as their structures, such as:
  • Visual (travel) information using displays, light panels, and matrix boards.
  • Auditory (travel) information, including evacuation and announcement systems, including speech intelligibility simulation.
  • Social monitoring, such as access control using cameras.
  • Data transmission, including data protocols, inside and outside buildings:
  • Wired, such as fiber-optic and copper networks.
  • Wireless, such as Wi-Fi and 5G.

Recognizing that no single educational program covers all these aspects, you will be guided and trained in your tasks by our professional colleagues. This will allow you to develop into an all-around team member who finds pleasure in their work. This will involve not only technical tasks at your desk but also conducting inspections and providing on-site customer advice.
We work with various clients in the Netherlands (Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail, regional road, tram, and metro managers), as well as foreign rail managers. We have strong connections with clients and colleagues from England, Australia, and Belgium. In addition to designing for rail and road managers, we also assist contractors in refining preliminary designs. In this context, you will bring in your telecom expertise.
Furthermore, we are constantly improving our design process. We are increasingly utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling) and System Engineering and aim to further integrate these into our design process. This way, we can grow as a team, an organization, and as individuals within this team. We prioritize people and consistently seek ways to ensure team members enjoy their work on projects. This approach leads to content colleagues and satisfied clients.
PAC Engineer
We are looking for a Protection Automation & Control Engineer with a good sense of humor. Someone who is able to enforce the engineering and commissioning team on energy & substation automation and distribution & transmission grid protection with knowledge and experience. The Protection Automation & Control Engineer will work on the engineering, realization and commissioning phase within the project team.

Within the projects the Protection Automation & Control Engineer will discuss technical issues with sales and other project engineers. The engineer will report to the project manager considering progress and technical commitment with the customers. Together with the team, the engineer will provide technical documents and setup the hardware for configuration and technical tests. During the factory acceptance test (FAT) you will guide the customer through the systems and answer their questions in close collaboration with the project manager. During the commissioning period, you will be the responsible engineer on site, taking care of the commissioning issues and successful site acceptance tests (SAT). Doing stand-by services is also part of the job but paid additional.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, positive thinker with professional skills, willing to build the energy systems for tomorrow in collaboration with our engineering teams. Are you stress resistant end eager to learn, we can offer you a lot of technical challenges. To support you on the job, we offer advanced technical training programs.